Live Richly

Harmful ultraviolet radiation is constantly pouring through your windows, making distant memories of the rich colors that used to adorn your fabrics, art, and woodwork. Additionally, windows allow in large amounts of solar heat and visible light–two serious contributors to fading. Pro-Tint solar window film helps fight these enemies of your interior by keeping almost 100% of ultraviolet radiation out of your home, and dramatically reducing the solar heat and visible light that eat away at the color of your valuables. It’s like sunscreen for your home, significantly increasing the life and beauty of your interior.

Live Efficiently
Your windows let an enormous amount of solar light and heat into your home, leading to a serious increase in your energy bills. But with the simple installation of Pro-Tint solar window films, you can prevent more than 80% of the sun’s energy from entering your home, providing a cooler, more comfortable climate–while lowering utility costs. For colder climates like Nebraska, Pro-Tint offers a “low-e” solar film, which helps prevent interior heat loss through glass. The energy savings are so significant that most window films pay for themselves within two to three years. Many utility companies even offer rebates for film installation, check with you local utility company to see if you qualify.

Live Comfortably
Uneven temperatures, hot spots, and intense glare are often unfortunate side effects of having windows in your home. Pro-Tint can alleviate all three of these problems and more, with our superior solar control products. By helping to regulate your interior climate, Pro-Tint’s Solar Window Film facilitates an even, consistent temperature. Plus, by softening the effects of harsh direct sunlight, you’ll no longer be plagued with the strong glare that often bounces off of television and computer screens.

Live Stylishly
You don’t have to sacrifice your view or the appearance of your home in order to enjoy protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Pro-Tint window films come in a variety of shades that lend the perfect visual complement to any home, while still allowing you to keep your blinds and curtains open all day. There are even privacy films available which enable you to enjoy your windows without providing an intrusive view in from the outside. Our experts will help you select the ideal film for your home.